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Anti-rust welded water tank large size durable long working time
Anti-rust welded water tank large size durable long working time
Anti-rust welded water tank large size durable long working time
Anti-rust welded water tank large size durable long working time
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Standard Stainless Steel 304 316 Anti-Rust Long Working Time Water Storage Tank

  Parts of one SUS Water Tank
1 Inlet
2 Outlet
3 Manhole & Cap
4 Overflow
5 Manhole
6 Drain Port
7 Water Level Sensor & Controller
8 Water Level Indication Tube
9 Ladder
10 Air Vent
11 Buttom Base U Channel Steel

Advantages of SUS water tank:
1. Excellent material
Stainless steel water tanks are made of SS304 or SS316 raw materials, which have higher quality and longer service life, and are generally used to store drinking water.
2. Precise size
The panels are produced using die stamping technology and are dimensionally accurate to facilitate installation and sealing requirements.
Wide range of uses With few construction site restrictions or requirements, the water tank can be widely used in hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, airports, and almost all water storage and water supply applications.
4. Fast production
Using die stamping production line, we can supply 1000 meters per month with no worries about delivery time.
5. Perfect anticorrosion
Premium stainless steel guarantees 20 years of rust-free, longer working hours and healthier water storage.
The stainless steel argon arc precision sealing structure is fully welded and completely sealed; the internal pull rod is firm, the structure is reasonable, and it is extremely stable. At the same time, we carry out strict inspection after construction to ensure that the water tank does not leak.
7. Free and convenient installation
Since the tank is made up of modular panels, there is more freedom to combine styles than an entire custom-sized tank. Even if the buyer receives the panel, it is no problem to adjust the size, if there is demand according to the construction site situation. There are also project requirements
Fewer workers.
8. Reasonable and stable structure
Each panel is fixed, not only fully welded with the surrounding panels, but also has a scientific and firm tie-rod net inside to ensure that each panel is sufficiently supported on both sides. The water tank is stable, sturdy and has a long working time, compression resistance, earthquake resistance, and beautiful appearance.
9. Light weight and small size
The thickness of the panel is only 1-3mm, and it can be stacked and shipped, which greatly saves the shipping cost. Lighter than other styles, it saves time and effort in handling and installation.
10. Food grade storage
All materials can meet the requirements of food grade, which can be widely used in drinking water supply, medical treatment, etc.