Weaknesses of Pressurized Stainless Steel Water Tanks

1. The enamel layer at the acute angle of the stainless steel water tank with A3 carbon steel liner is not enough due to insufficient adhesion. The vibration of the heat exchange coil when the stainless steel water tank is heated will cause the porcelain layer to fall off, and the water tank will expand and contract to the enamel layer. When the fatigue life is prolonged, it will crack, etc., which will lead to water leakage after the liner of the hot water exchange tank is corroded;
2. A3 carbon steel stainless steel water tank has a large surface area, so the stainless steel water tank cannot be 100% free of defects when enamelling. As long as there is no enamel in one spot, the existing water quality in China has a high CL ion content. When the water temperature is high, CL ions and A3 carbon steel will react rapidly, which will cause pitting corrosion of the enamel liner in a short time, and eventually lead to the leakage of the pressure-bearing hot water exchange tank of the enamel liner;