Influence of steam heating on stainless steel thermal insulation water tank

The influence of steam heating on the stainless steel thermal insulation water tank should at least meet the standard of the national standard atlas, and the specificity should be based on the actual stainless steel water tank size. The direct injection of steam into the water will release a large amount of residual chlorine in the cold water, which will seriously corrode the stainless steel at the welding junction and the contact edge of the liquid surface. At present, most of the stamping stainless steel plates are welded on the market.
The surface of the stamped stainless steel heat preservation water tank is prone to fine cracks. The thickness of the plate meets the national standard requirements or thicker, which can make the life of the water tank longer. Another: The company does not recommend the heating method of injecting steam directly into the water (there are many disadvantages). It is recommended to do coil heating in the tank.