Stainless steel insulation water tank sewage lifting

Stainless steel insulation water tank sewage lifting, stainless steel insulation water tank automatic underground sewage lifter (lifting equipment) is a suitable for catering industry, entertainment industry, leisure service industry, construction engineering, commercial engineering, chemical plants, production and processing plants, pharmaceutical plants, Fully automatic underground sewage lifter for underground sewage discharge systems such as medical and municipal engineering.
The stainless steel thermal insulation water tank automatic sewage lifter adopts double pumps and double separators. The double pumps and double separators work alternately and serve as backup for each other. Any pump failure can be automatically transferred to the single pump operation control under the PLC control system to meet the requirements of underground sewage. The need to continuously increase emissions. Haixin Environmental Protection's patented debris separation technology solves the problems of easy blockage and difficult cleaning. The dirt is filtered out by the filter screen, temporarily stored in the body, and finally discharged by itself with the pressure of the water flow, realizing the real free cleaning and cleaning. It does not touch the pump impeller and will not cause blockage due to entanglement of dirt.
The entire sewage treatment process is carried out in a stainless steel box with good airtightness, and there will be no leakage of sewage and odor, which ensures the environmental sanitation of the stainless steel heat preservation water tank and the service life of the equipment. The installation is convenient, the operation is simple, the floor area is small, and the building utilization rate is greatly improved.
The sewage treatment of stainless steel insulated water tanks has always been a headache. The traditional method is to dig a water collection well (sewage pit) underground and place a sewage pump in the collection well, which is commonly known as "one pit and two pumps", a pit The sewage treatment method of the two pumps has disadvantages such as odor, easy blockage of sewage pumps, difficulty in cleaning the sewage pit, and pollution of the surrounding environment.