Stainless steel fire water tank is chemically attacked and rusted

After pickling and passivation, the cleaning is not clean and the residual liquid remains, which directly corrodes the stainless steel water tank parts (chemical corrosion).

If you want to reduce the corrosion of stainless steel fire water tank, it must be protected to a certain extent to reduce scratches and pollution on the surface, and it must be cleaned during the cleaning process. External pollution. The oil, dust, acid, alkali, salt, etc. attached to the surface of the stainless steel fire water tank are converted into corrosive media under certain conditions, and chemical reactions occur with some components in the stainless steel water tank, resulting in chemical corrosion and rust. Surface scratches All kinds of scratches damage the passivation film, which reduces the maintenance capacity of the stainless steel water tank, and is easy to react with chemical media, resulting in chemical corrosion and rust.