Stainless steel fire water tank and domestic water tank share a water tank need to pay attention to

The water pipe of the stainless steel water tank The water inlet pipe and the water outlet pipe of the water tank are set separately. When the water inlet and outlet pipes are the same pipe, a check valve should be installed on the water outlet pipe. When a check valve needs to be installed, a swing check valve with less resistance should be used instead of the lift check valve, and the elevation should be more than 1m lower than the lower water level of the water tank. When the stainless steel water tank life and fire fighting share the same water tank, the check valve on the fire outlet pipe should be lower than the pipe top of the domestic outlet pipe suction pipe (when it is lower than the top of the pipe, the vacuum of the domestic suction pipe will be destroyed, and only the stainless steel fire water tank outlet pipe should be guaranteed There is water flowing out) at least 2m, so that it has a certain pressure to push the check valve. When a fire occurs, the fire-fighting reserve water of the stainless steel water tank can really play a role.